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Highlight for album: ~Brenna Emmile Ann~
~Brenna Emmile Ann~

This year in 2007, we were rapt that we had become pregnant with our much-wanted Fourth child... boy had I been eagerly anticipating this Little One's arrival... Then we discovered we were the proud but devastated parents of a beautiful Baby with Angel Wings... perfect in every way except for no heart beating...
We are very proud announce the Birth of our precious baby girl

~ Brenna Emmile Ann ~

(Emmile pronounced 'Emily')

Stillborn 21st Sept 2007, Born with Angel Wings

Precious Daughter for Michael & Kristy

Little Sister for Brooke, Jake, Zeke

Loved and awaited by family and friends

Thankyou everyone for your support and best wishes

Visit Brenna's Babies Online Web Page

Visit Chapter Two, Brenna's new page and my newly created blog...


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Highlight for album: Links I Like To Share
Links I Like To Share

Family and Friends You Can Make a Difference

by SIDS - advice for family and friends from parents who have lost a child, because so often when this happens, all we want to know is 'how can we 'be there' for our friend/family member...
I came across this link late in 2007, after visiting the SIDS site on recommendation from a fellow Mama

West Coast Steiner School

There's more to reading than meets the eye

- also known as 'but does Steiner Education really teach kids to read and why doesn't it teach them so early like 'mainstream'...

Open Day and Spring Fair Oct 2010


For when you've lost the motivation, don't know where to start, and/or are rather overwhelmed by where your house is at...You won't know until you give it an honest go and have nothing to lose!

P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training

Something I found surprisingly spot on - first through the book and much later when I did the course. The goal is to 'talk so your kids will listen, and listen so your kids will talk'... and that's pretty much what happens. Highly recommended.
Free Resources for Parents.
Also try the library - 'PET Parent Effectiveness' by Dr Thomas Gordon is the book.

'On Controlled Crying'

gave me something to consolidate my gut feeling on this. Controlled Crying or 'Controlled Comforting' may work... but why...?

Babies, especially young babies, can't count. And if you know what it's like when you go to the loo, and shut the door and they get upset... it's no different. Their ability to comprehend is different, and I guess it's up to you whether the 'how' CC works is worth it.

Often a very contentious topic and with good reason. The only real hurdle that seems to halt and conclude this discussion in it's tracks is that religion 'validates' circumcision, despite all arguments against circumcision (medical exception excluded). I couldn't understand this. I know there many things inflicted in the name of a 'God', but surely not this?
What kind of God requires this of a parent in order to 'prove' their faith?

If I was to form a new church tomorrow, and one of the requirements was that each parent cut off any other part of their child's body... would that be 'different'?... is it 'different' because it's a new/old religion? How can that be? Surely it is what it is. I was exremely pleased then, to come across these links:

Bris Shalom &
Bris B'lee Milah

just for a start. Anyway, I thought I'd share the link because many people come to the same crossroad in discussions, and religion seems to be used to 'silence' it - and for some it's one of many very important decisions to make as we bring new life into the world...

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OIB - Office in a Bag (1484 views)
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REUSABLE NAPPIES - Pin-free, Fold-free, Soak-free!

Hi All and welcome!
This site all started from 'talking cloth' with other parents. The response was awesome.
The number of parents changing over to Reusable Nappies is growing fast - the versatility and ease of modern nappies ensures there's something for every family.
With no pins, no folding and no soaking, better for the environment and your wallet, and they work well to boot - what more could one ask for in a nappy!

Myths Links and My
Favourite MCN choices

For a 'Nappies 101' - Oz Cloth Nappies FAQ has done a very comprehensive job on that and
this page on Nature's Child website is also very informative.

For questions commonly asked you may also like to check out this spot on Essential Baby Forum

All photos are our own original photos (with the exception of those from sites I have express permission from to use) not to be copied without permission please. Of course, thanks to my brother, Kai, for providing the site and setting up the framework for me. His website is here if you want to take a look. Thanks for visiting - hope you find ideas to inspire!


Oz Cloth Nappies


Previously Asked Questions thread also.

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Highlight for album: ~~~...MAKE YOUR OWN...~~~
~~~...MAKE YOUR OWN...~~~


MAKE YOUR OWN fitteds, pocket nappies, wipes, liners, boosters, inserts etc etc!!!

Cloth nappies are great. Fitted cloth nappies have even more advantages. We did terry and flannel squares for our first two children. I wondered about fitted cloth nappies but never had the up-front money to set up, so never worried about it.

With our third baby though, I thought I'd give it a try, and even then it's STILL cost effective.

Even if you bought all your fitted's from a WAHM/pre-made it's STILL cheaper than disposables.

There are some GREAT pre-made fitted cloth nappies out there, and I wondered, well how hard could it be to make them? So click here for some links to patterns and nappy making sites.

Oz Cloth Nappies for all your 'Make Your Own' info

Bubba Earth sells nappy making stuff - a great Aussie WAHM site - also stocking hemp fabrics! Also for your nappy making needs see Nappies Covered for a huge range of patterned PUL and Snaps Australia for those awesome plastic snaps! (All of these stores stock other things as well!)

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Highlight for album: The No-pins-no-Snappi newborn flannel nappy fold
The No-pins-no-Snappi newborn flannel nappy fold

Terry nappies can be bulky on newborns. Flannel nappies are the perfect size and thickness but we all worry about pins and of course Snappi's aren't effective on flannel ... so here's a nappy fold doing away with all those!

I would also recommend trying one layer hemp flat nappies with the same fold.
You can still add liners, stay dry liners, boosters if you would like, and a good fitting nappy cover will be the 'icing on the cake'!

With thanks to a wonderful Midwife, Jeanette, at the Family Birth Centre, WA who showed us this!

Have fun practicing!

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